360Giving is not only an open data standard – it is a community of practice for sharing experiences and learning about grantmaking and data.  

We want to hear from people who are publishing and using 360Giving data.

  • If you publish grants data to the 360Giving Standard, let us know what challenges you face when doing this, how we can make the process easier and what other information you might like to share.
  • If you use 360Giving data, tell us why it is useful, what would make it even better and what other information you need to support your work.
  • If you are a developer, tell us what you found when using the dataset and what improvements would be useful.
  • If you care about open data standards, share your feedback on the schema and feed into discussions about upgrading the Standard.

Please share your comments and ideas via the 360 Discussion forum. We welcome feedback from our community and are keen to learn.